Lecture Notes

G. Arutyunov Saalburg Lectures on Integrable Systems
M.Hindmarsh Phase Transitions in the Early Universe
G. Barnich Introduction to Classical Gauge Field Theory and to BV Quantization
C.M. Bender Convergent and divergent series in physics
S. Weinzierl Scattering Amplitudes (Tales of 1001 Gluons)
A. Wipf The functional renormalization group method – an introduction
J.W. van Holten Field theoretical approach to gravitational waves
J. Zinn-Justin Renormalization group: an introduction [part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5]
R.M. Wald Black hole thermodynamics
A. Van Proeyen Tools for supersymmetry
M. Sasaki Theory of cosmological perturbations
D. Giulini Canonical gravity
H. Nicolai Infinite-dimensional symmetries
D. Schwarz Introduction to cosmology
V.P. Nair Geometric quantization and hamiltonian analysis
R. Szabo Noncommutative field theory
U.-J. Wiese Introduction to lattice field theory
G. Dunne Functional determinants in quantum field theory
U. Theis Introduction to supersymmetry
H. Samtleben Introduction to supergravity
N. Manton Topological solitons
I. Sachs Introduction to supersymmetry
M. Blau Plane waves and Penrose limits
M. Shifman From super-Yang-Mills to QCD
M. Henneaux Quantization of gauge systems
K. Fredenhagen Algebraic quantum field theory
G. Ecker The Standard Model at low energies, part 2,part 3,part 4
P. Dorey Integrable quantum field theories in two dimensions
G. ‘t Hooft Monopoles, instantons, and confinement
J. Zinn-Justin Vector models in the large N limit
G. Raffelt Neutrinos in astrophysics and cosmology
O. Lechtenfeld Introduction to perturbative string theory
D. Lüst Recent developments in string theory
E. Kraus Renormalization of the electroweak Standard Model
H. Römer Anomalien
J.W. van Holten Gravity, geometry and physics
A. Wipf Das Standardmodel der Kosmologie
J. Louis The supersymmetric Standard Model
A.N. Schellekens Introduction to conformal field theory
N. Dragon BRS symmetry and cohomology