The school takes place at:

Flair Hotel Hochspessart
Lindenallee 40-42
63869 Heigenbrücken
TEL: (+49) 6020 97200
FAX: (+49) 6020 972070

Heigenbrücken is located about 50 km east of Frankfurt am Main in the Spessart forest

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How to get there:

By Train

Heigenbrücken is a stop on the regional express line between Frankfurt and Würzburg,
ca. 10 minutes from Aschaffenburg,
ca. 60 minutes from Frankfurt,
ca. 60 minutes from Würzburg

If you arrive at Frankfurt airport and take the train from there,
you need to change train once, either at Frankfurt main station (Hauptbahnhof)
or Aschaffenburg and take the regional express. The total travel time is
roughly 75 minutes.

You find the train schedule at

Reiseauskunft – Bahn

From the station “Neuer Bahnhof”  it is about 1.7 km to the Hotel, which
provides a shuttle service. You need to notify them by phone in advance.

By Car:

via highway (Autobahn)  A3 (Frankfurt-Würzburg), exit Weibersbrunn / Heigenbrücken (Nr.63)


via highway A66 (Fulda-Hanau), exit Bad Orb (Nr.45), Wiesen, Heinrichsthal, Heigenbrücken