The school takes place at:

Hotel Am Kellerberg,
Dorfstraße 18, D-07646 Trockenborn-Wolfersdorf
phone: 036428-470
fax: 036428-47108
Email: info@hotel-am-kellerberg.de

Wolfersdorf is part of Trockenborn-Wolfersdorf, a small town (682 inhabitants) in the Saale-Holzland-Kreis (SHK), situated about 20 km south of Jena on the fringe of the Thüringer Wald.
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How to get there:

By Train/Taxi:

The Deutsche Bahn AG serves Jena Westbahnhof (18 km), Stadtroda (8 km) and Neustadt (Orla) (7 km) as the nearest train stations.
There is an infrequent bus service from Jena Westbahnhof, Stadtroda or Neustadt (Orla) to Wolfersdorf.
Train and bus connections are best researched via the German train server, using as destination: Wolfersdorf Gasthaus, Trockenborn-Wolfersdorf. You could team up for a taxi at the final leg of your trip. The Stadtroda train station is located 1 km outside the village and deserted at night (no taxis waiting there). However, taxis can be called from the village: +49 171 2117571 (Taxi Nachtmann). The fare to Wolfersdorf is 20 euro.

By Car:

From the north or east:
Exit autobahn A4 (Dresden-Frankfurt) at “Stadtroda” (exit 55) onto L1076 in the direction of Stadtroda. After 5 km (in Stadtroda) turn left onto L1077. Continue for 9 km until you enter Wolfersdorf on Dorfstraße.

From the west:
Exit autobahn A4 (Frankfurt-Dresden) at “Jena-Göschwitz” (exit 53) onto B88 in the direction of Kahla. After 3 km turn left onto K166. After 8 km and several turns take a right onto L1062. After 1 km turn left onto L2319. After 3.5 km turn left onto L1111 and enter Trockenborn. After 2 km you meet L1077 (Dorfstraße).

From the south:
Exit autobahn A9 (Munich-Berlin) at “Dittersdorf” (exit 27) onto L1077 in the direction of Neustadt an der Orla. Continue for 18 km on L1077 until you enter Wolfersdorf (on Dorfstraße).