School of 2015

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Twentyfirst School:
Wolfersdorf, 31.08. – 11.09.2015

funded by the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation
38 students from 26 institutions participated

Lecture Program:

R.M. Wald
(University of Chicago)
Black hole thermodynamics
S. Hollands
(Universit├Ąt Leipzig)
Quantum fields in curved spacetime
A.N. Schellekens
(Nikhef Amsterdam)
Conformal field theory|
J. Zinn-Justin
(CEA, IRFU and Centre de Saclay)
Renormalization group: an introduction [part1 | part2 | part3 | part4 | part5 ]


J.W. van Holten
(Nikhef Amsterdam & Universiteit Leiden)
Dynamical space-time and gravitational waves


The poster of the school of 2015.