School of 2018

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Twentyfourth School: Heigenbrücken, 10. – 21.09.2018

funded by the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation


Lecture Program:

G. Dvali
 p-form gauge theories in physics
M. Hindmarsh
Phase transitions in the early universe
A. Karch
Dualities in 2+1 dimensions and beyond
S. Theisen
Anomalies in quantum field theory
K. Zarembo
Localization and holography

The instruction language is English.
Some lecture notes may appear later and will be made available here

Recommended Literature:


Polchinski, String Theory
(especially Appendix B.4 on Differential Forms in Vol. II)


Phase transitions in the Universe, M. Gleiser

Basics of Thermal Field Theory, M. Laine and A. Vuorinen
[Sections 1, 2, 4]

Energy Budget of Cosmological First-order Phase Transitions, J.R.
Espinosa, T. Konstantin, J.M. No, G. Servant
[Sections 1, 2]

Lecture Notes on General Relativity, S. Carroll
[Chapter 6, gravitational waves]

Lectures on cosmic topological defects, T. Vachaspati

Mark Hindmash’s slides



Lectures 15 and 16 of

To cover T-duality and Bosonization in 2d I will mostly follow the book by Di Francesco, Mathieu and Senechal: Conformal Field Theory.Next we will cover dualitues in SUSY field theories in 3+1 and 2+1 dimensions, with N=4,2,1 as well as mirror symmetry in d=3 with N=4

Last but not least we’ll get into non-SUSY dualities in 2+1. No good review exists but useful references are


Bertlmann: Anomalies in Quantum field Theory, Oxford University Press 1996
Any modern book on QFT such as Srednicki’s