School of 2000

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Sixth School: Saalburg, 04. – 15.09.2000

funded by the Heraeus foundation
26 students from 16 institutions participated

Lecture Program:

J. Ehlers
(AEI Golm near Potsdam)
Gravitational Lensing
W. Hollik
(Karlsruhe University)
Precision Tests of the Electroweak Theory
N. Dorey
(Univ. of Wales Swansea)
Supersymmetric Gauge Theory in the Large-N Limit
G. Ecker
(Wien University)
The Standard Model at Low Energies
(see also parts 2,3, and 4.)
R. Loll
(AEI Golm near Potsdam)
Nonperturbative Theories of Quantum Gravity

The poster of the school of 2000.