17th Saalburg Summer School in 2011 “Foundations and New Methods in Theoretical Physics”


Abajo Arrastia Javier Instituto de Fisica Teorica (Madrid) Esperanza Lopez Holography and Out of Equilibrium QFT.
Afshar Hamid Reza Vienna University of Technology Daniel Grumiller AdS_3/CFT_2, We study three dimensional gravity and look for a
2 dimensional conformal field theory description.
Aghaei Nezhla Bonn university Dr .Thomas Quella D-branes in the WZW model
Aparicio Joao Universidad Autonoma de Madrid Esperanza Lopez Entanglement Entropy in Holographic QFT
Bonetti Federico MPI for Physics, Munich Thomas Grimm F-theory and String Theory Phenomenology
Cedzich Christopher Hannover Reinhard F. Werner tba.
Charalampidis Efstathios Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Theodora Ioannidou Topological Solitons, Mathematical Physics. Quantization of
the Skyrme model.
Fernandez Daniel University of Barcelona David Mateos A short description would be “Applications of the AdS/CFT
duality to the quark gluon plasma”.
Frassek Rouven Humboldt Universitaet Berlin Matthias Staudacher Integrability¤t in AdS/CFT,
Garolera Blai Universitat de Barcelona Roberto Emparan The study of different strongly coupled systems using tools
from the gauge/gravity correspondece (AdS/CFT).
Haehnel Philipp Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin Prof. Matthias Staudacher Integrabilitaet in der AdS/CFT Korrespondenz
Hansen Tobias Universitaet Hamburg noch nicht gewaehlt Quantenfeld- / Stringtheorie
Huber Arthur Universitaet Hamburg noch nicht gewaehlt Quantenfeldtheorie, Dual Fermions
Kanning Nils Humboldt Universitaet Berlin Prof. Staudacher Die integrable Struktur der planaren N=4 Eichtheorie in vier
Kelm Maximilian ETH Zuerich Prof. Dr. Matthias Gaberdiel Holographic minimal models
Koehler Christian Universitaet Wien Jakob Yngvason Deformations of Quantum Field Theory
Konopka Sebastian TU Muenchen Prof. Dr. Michael Ratz Interactions in Orbifold Models
Lindner Falk Hamburg Prof. Klaus Fredenhagen Selbstwechselwirkende Quantenfeldtheorien im thermodynamischen
Mastaler Marianne Jena Prof. Wipf Renormalization group flow of supersymmetric sigma models
Mader Valentin Karl-Franzens Universitaet, Graz Reinhard Alkofer Infrared behaviour of QCD Green’s functions in the Maximally Abelian Gauge
Michalski Harm Koeln Dr. Thomas Quella “The SU(2)_{-1} WZW model, free field constructions and
supersymmetry” (envisaged),
Morand Kevin Universite Francois Rabelais, Tours Sergey Solodukhin Gravitational radiation in modified theories of general
relativity (massive gravitons, extra-dimensions, …)
Mufti Tajdar Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena Dr. Axel Maas Interaction vertices in strong and weak interactions.
Pfeifer Christian Universitaet Hamburg Dr. M. Wohlfarth Finslergeometrie
Queva Julien Goettingen Prof. Dr. Karl-Henning Rehren Conformally invariant
equations on curved spacetimes and their quantization.
Mesterhazy David TU Darmstadt Prof. Dr. Juergen Berges Transport properties of strongly interacting systems
Sikorowski Jakub University of Oxford Dr Luis-Fernando Alday Scattering amplitudes in strongly-coupled Yang-Mills theoris
Toriumi Reiko University of California, Irvine Herbert Hamber Quantum Gravity
Werner Albert Leibniz Universitaet Hannover Prof. Dr. Reinhard Werner Quantum walks defined as time and space discrete quantum
systems of few particles with a strictly local time evolution.
Wiedenmann Stefan LMU Muenchen Martin Schottenloher Topologische Feldtheorien
Xu Yingying Humboldt-University Prof. Matthias Staudacher AdS/CFT integrability
Zhu Yan University of Bielefeld Aleksi Vuorinen Perturbative QCD at finite temperatures or densities